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Sandra. 15. Poland.

I'm probably the most tolerant person you'll ever meet. For me everyone is equal and everyone deserves a chance. I still have some faith in humanity, you know. Tell me about you, I'm not gonna judge.

I usually post Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, RDJ, all Marvel films, Tom Hiddleston and some humor:)
Don't be shy, message me whenever you want! I will really appreciate it:)
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The Method of loci, also called the memory palace, is a mnemonic device introduced in ancient Roman and Greek rhetorical treatises. In basic terms, it is a method of memory enhancement which uses visualization to organize and recall information. Many memory contest champions claim to use this technique to recall faces, digits, and lists of words. These champions’ successes have little to do with brain structure or intelligence, but more to do with their technique of using regions of their brain that have to do with spatial learning. x

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Jensen “Hips Don’t Lie” Ackles

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Why is it men always want to turn the extra room into a man-cave? 

Screw you I’m turning that room into a lady cave. I’m going to go in there and read romance novels, crochet, preform witchcraft, scrap book, pet a cat, worship satan, and complain to my friends that you’re not satisfying me sexually. You can go fuck yourself. 

This post haunts me.

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This is one of my favorite Doctor Who moments, by far.

I want to point out, despite my problems with Moffat: hey look a gay character who is portrayed as a normal well-adjusted badass dude who believes in his relationship enough to sass his president and quit his job over it, even in a time when that was not cool. None of us had any idea this guy was gay until he said he was in love with a dude (a black dude even, I hope we get to meet him later on—I’m only halfway through S6 so don’t spoil it for me) because shockingly, usually the only way you can tell people are gay is if they a. tell you they are gay or b. are in a relationship with a person of the same gender. 


Canton is a badass motherfucker.

He was the best minor character of season 6.

Is that….is that Crowley from Supernatural or am I losing my mind?

It’s Crowley with an American accent

CROWREH and his man friend.

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